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Title Professor
Ext. 51305
E-mail lorenzo@nccu.edu.tw
Classification Full-Time
Journal Papers
  • 如大維*, 2018.09, 'Democratic Peace Theory, the Problems of Pluralism, and the Opposition to the Use of Military Force in the US, ' Democracy and Security, Vol.14, No.4, pp.1-29.(CSA, SCOPUS)(*為通訊作者)
  • 如大維*, 2017.07, '“The Dialogue Over War and Peace in the United States: A Discursive Institutionalist Analysis”, ' World Affairs,, Vol.Vol. 180,, No.Issue 2, pp.62-104..(SCOPUS, EBSCO, OVID)(*為通訊作者)
  • 如大維*, 2015.03, '“Opposition to the Libyan Intervention Among the American Public”, '.(*為通訊作者)
  • David J. Lorenzo*, 2010.10, 'Democracy and the Roots of Consensus Rhetoric in Taiwan, ' American Journal of Chinese Studies, Vol.17, No.2, pp.103-117.(SSCI)(*為通訊作者) Ref.
  • David J. Lorenzo*, 2007.10, 'Hsièn Kăi in Taiwan: Assessing Possible Constitutional Models, ' American Journal of Chinese Studies, Vol.14, No.2, pp.153-65.(SSCI)(*為通訊作者) Ref.
  • David J. Lorenzo*, 2005.04, 'Gladstone, Religious Freedom, and Practical Reasoning, ' History of Political Thought, Vol.26, No.1, pp.90-119.(SSCI)(*為通訊作者) Ref.
  • David J. Lorenzo*, 2003.04, 'Tradition and Prudence in Locke''s Exceptions to Toleration, ' American Journal of Politial Science, Vol.47, No.2, pp.248-58.(SSCI)(*為通訊作者)
  • David Lorenzo*, 2002.06, 'Attaining Rogers Smith''s Civic Ideals, ' Political Theory, Vol.30, No.3, pp.357-383.(SSCI)(*為通訊作者)
  • David J. Lorenzo*, 1999.12, 'Countering Popular Misconceptions of Federal Bureaucracies in American Government Classes, ' PS:Political Science and Politics, Vol.32, No.4, pp.743-747.(SSCI)(*為通訊作者) Ref.
  • David J. Lorenzo*, 1999.04, 'The Portrayal of Similarities in the Justification of Empire: G.A. Henty and Late 19th Century Imperial Literature, ' The McNeese Review, Vol.37, No.1, pp.14-42.(SSCI)(*為通訊作者) Ref.
Conference Papers
  • 如大維*, 2018.09, 'Democracy and Good Governance in the Work of Sun Yat-sen, ' International Forum on Sun Yat-sen Studies, Sun Yat-Sen Education and Charity Foundation.(*為通訊作者)
  • 如大維*, 2017.04, 'Taiwan's Foreign Policy after the American Election, ' International Conference on Taiwan's Foreign Policy, Department of Diplomacy.(*為通訊作者)
  • 如大維*, 2016.09, '“The American Dialogue over War and Peace: Norms, Arguments and Human Rights,” Department of Government and the Reiff Center for Human Rights and Conflict Resolution, Christopher Newport University, September 8, 2016, '.(*為通訊作者)
  • 如大維*, 2014.01, 'Chinese Cultural Traditions and Taiwan’s Political Culture, ' Spotlight Taiwan Program, Sigur Center, George Washington University, Sigur Center for Asian Studies, George Washington University.(*為通訊作者)
  • 如大維*, 2013.09, 'Current Directions in Democracy Seen in Historical Context, ' American Political Science Association Annual Conference, APSA.(*為通訊作者)
  • 如大維*, 2013.08, 'China's Search for Democracy and Development, ' University of Richmond Research Seminar, University of Richmond.(*為通訊作者)
  • 如大維*, 2013.04, 'A Foreign Policy Based on Pretty Please: Mitt Romney’s Criticisms of Barack Obama, ' Midwest Political Science Association, Midwest Political Science Assocation.(*為通訊作者)
Book Edited
  • 如大維*, 2021.03, 'War and American Foreign Policy: Justifications of Major Military Actions in the US, ' Palgrave MacMillan.(*為通訊作者)
  • 如大維, 2015.09, 'Debating War: Why Arguments Opposing American Wars and Interventions Fail, '.
  • David J. Lorenzo*, 2014.05, 'Cities at the End of the World: Using Utopian and Dystopian Stories to Reflect Critically on Our Communities and Ways of Life, ' Bloomsbury Press.(*為通訊作者)
  • David J. Lorenzo*, 2013.04, 'Conceptions of Chinese Democracy: Reading Sun Yat-sen, Chiang Kai-shek and Chiang Ching-kuo, ' The Johns Hopkins University Press.(*為通訊作者) Ref.
  • David J. Lorenzo*, 1999.05, 'Tradition and the Rhetoric of Right: Popular Political Arguments in the Aurobindo Movement, ' Fairleigh Dickinson University Press.(*為通訊作者) Ref.
Book Chapters
  • 如大維*, 2021.04, '“The Ideology of Sun Yat-sen’s San Min Chu I”, ' Chinese Ideology, Routledge, pp.20-45.(*為通訊作者)
  • David Lorenzo*, 1996.05, 'Political Communication and the Study of Rhetoric: Persuasion from the Standpoint of Literary Theory and Anthropology, ' The Theory and Practice of Political Communication Research. SUNY series in speech communication., SUNY Press, pp.1-27.(*為通訊作者) Ref.
Research Report
  • 如大維*, 2016.09, 'The American Dialogue over War and Peace: Norm, Arguments and Human Rights, ' NCCU.(*為通訊作者)
  • 如大維*, 2018.11, 'Hsiao-ting Lin, Accidental State: Chiang Kai-shek, the United States, and the Making of Taiwan,, '.(*為通訊作者)
  • 如大維*, 2018.11, '“Democracy and Good Governance in the Work of Sun Yat-sen,” International Forum on Sun Yat-sen Studies, Sun Yat-Sen Education and Charity Foundation, Hong Kong Baptist University, '.(*為通訊作者)
  • 如大維*, 2018.11, '“The American Dialogue over War and Peace: Presidential Conversations Addressing War,” Department of International Affairs, Hong Kong Baptist University, '.(*為通訊作者)
  • 如大維*, 2018.09, '“Democracy in Taiwan and the Chinese Mainland,” University of Central Arkansas, Conway, AR, '.(*為通訊作者)
  • 如大維*, 2018.09, '“Democracy in Taiwan and the Chinese Mainland,” University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR, Sept. 5, 2018, '.(*為通訊作者)
  • 如大維*, 2017.12, 'Review of Azur Gat, The Causes of War & The Spread of Peace: But Will War Rebound?, '.(*為通訊作者)
  • 如大維*, 2016.02, '"Democracy in Taiwan and the Chinese Mainland," College of William and Mary, February 1, 2016, '.(*為通訊作者)
  • 如大維*, 2015.03, 'D. A. Bell and C. Li, eds. The East Asian Challenge for Democracy: and J. Chan, Confucian Perfectionism: A Political Philosophy for Modern Time" Perspectives in Politics, Vol. 13, No., 1 (March 2015), '.(*為通訊作者)
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