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Date 2020-07-01

Our College dedicates to cultivating future leaders and excelling in all fields of international and cross-strait affairs.

Our College strives for being internationally distinguished in both research and teaching in the fields of international affairs.

The main objective of the National Chengchi University’s (NCCU) mid- and long-term development plans from 1992 to 2001 was to add its strength of international studies into its course design. The goal of this objective was to foster the best academic environment of international affairs as a response to the need for internationalization and globalization. In order to reach this objective, the NCCU applied for the establishment of the College of International Affairs. Preliminary plans began in 1993 with intensive discussions and framework-building to meet the requirements for the establishment of a college. Permission was granted by the Ministry of Education later in 2000. In the following
year, the College of International Affairs officially began operation with its inclusion of the Department of Diplomacy, the Graduate Institute of East Asian Studies, and the Graduate Institute of Russian Studies.

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