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Date 2023-01-11

      First, as the representative of the teachers and students at National Chengchi University’s College of International Affairs, I want to welcome you to explore our website. This College is committed to cultivating professionals in International Affairs through education, research, social service, and advanced tutelage. The College is mainly composed of three departments: The Department of Diplomacy, the Graduate Institute of East Asian Studies, and the Graduate Institute of Russian Studies. Additionally, the College also includes the Master’s Program in Strategy and International Affairs, Master‵s Program in National Security and Mainland China Studies, International Master’s Program in International Studies, Master’s Programs of Middle Eastern and Central Asian Studies, Master’s and Doctoral Programs in Japan Studies, and a Program in European Union Studies, to provide a holistic education in international affairs.

      Every department in this College has a long history. The Department of Diplomacy was founded in 1930, and is one of the National Chengchi University’s earliest departments. It also is now the only department in the country with the name “Diplomatic” in the title. Founded in 1968, the Graduate Institute of East Asian Studies is also an important center for research on mainland China issues, with graduates all over the world teaching and conducting research on these important issues. Founded in 1994, the Graduate Institute of Russian Studies is a leader in regional studies of Russia, as well as Central and Eastern Europe. Master’s Degrees, as well as Doctorate Degrees in this College are also highly valued in all walks of life.

      National Chengchi University remains Taiwan’s top university in the fields of humanities and social sciences. The school has an excellent environment for studying with world-class teaching and library equipment. With top-tier teachers, in-depth teaching plans, and forward leaning courses, the College of International Affairs is a trustworthy and selective academic setting. We sincerely hope you join us!


Professor Hong-Yi Lien

Department Head, College of International Affairs


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