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Course Regulations

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Date 2023-03-14

Credit Planning

The program offers 27 credits of elective courses, of which students must complete at least 15 credits to finish the program.

Admissions for the Academic Program

Admissions are limited to no more than 30 students per academic year. The target audience includes third-year (or higher) undergraduate and graduate students from our university and the seven-school alliance with which we have signed an agreement.

Admission to the academic program is by application only. Applicants must submit the application form and relevant materials to the College of International Affairs within the designated timeframe. After review by the academic program committee, students may begin formal coursework.

Certificate of Completion

Students who complete the required courses and earn the required credits with passing grades may apply to the College of International Affairs at National Chengchi University for a certificate of completion for the academic program. Certificates will not be issued to those who have not been approved to take the courses.

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