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Date 2022-12-29

Eligibility for Exchange and Dual Degree at NCCU College of International Affairs

Students who are eligible for exchange and dual degree programs should contact their respective department to see if an exchange or dual degree program is offered. Only students currently enrolled in departments which have an exchange/dual degree agreement with NCCU College of International Affairs are eligible for the program.


Period of Study

One semester or one academic year, subject to institutional arrangements.


Application Procedure

1.     Application opens in April (Fall Semester) / October (Spring Semester)

2.     Students receive department nomination from their home department

3.     Application submission by post or in person before specified deadline. (Hard Copy only)


Application Required Documents

  1. NCCU Incoming Exchange Students Application Form
  2. One certificate of nomination from home department
  3.  One home department certificate of enrollment in English
  4. One original official transcript in English from home institution (inclusive of the grading/credit system explanation)
  5. One photocopy of passport
  6. One 2-inch photo
  7. One curriculum vitae
  8. Statement of purpose written in Chinese or English
  9. Certificate of Chinese or English Language Proficiency (optional)
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