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Date 2019-08-16

The integration of required courses in the College of International Affairs takes effect in 2019/20 Academic Year. It includes uniform in the names of required courses offered by its subsidiaries and regulations for college’s required and required-elective courses.


1.      CIA required course for MA students is Research Methods; CIA required elective courses are International Relations Theory(IR) and Political Economy(PE). Students from DIP and IMPIS must take IR, but students in EAS, RS and JS can choose either IR or PE.

2.      CIA required courses for doctoral students are Research MethodsInternational Relations Theory and Political Economy.

3.      The above required course can be recognized the required credits of departments, institutes and programs under CIA. The language of instruction for required course is subject to the requirements of students' enrolled department, institutes and programs.


Please refer to 2019/20 ACY CIA Required Course List in attachment.


Contact: Ms. Wei#51104


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