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第一階段選位:9/9() 12:00 - 9/11() 17:00

第二階段選位:9/12() 12:00 - 9/20() 17:00

完成租用手續截止日:9/20() 17:00


l  國務院研究室共4間(271009-271012),提供84個位子。

l  本次共95人申請,其中84位入選,11位候補。(84號的兩位請現場抽籤決定)

l  所有人都可選擇四間研究室的位子,已無區分博士生研究室。

l  未於9/11出席選位的人,將會與候補人一起放入亂數抽籤選位,9/12() 12:00公告第二階段選位名單。



1.       請攜帶學生證選位,並繳交租用申請表在學證明200元清潔費

2.       申請表須先請各自系所助教核章,確認是否已通過大綱口試。

3.       在學證明可以紙本或手機出示;尚未繳交學費之同學,請於9/20補件否則位子取消。

4.       租借鑰匙需再付100元押金,歸還時會退還押金。


For Students in the 1st-phase list of seat selection, please come to the Office of College of International Affairs (11F) to select your seat at research rooms between 9/9 12PM to 9/11 5PM.

First phase selection: 9/9(Mon) 12:00 – 9/11(Wed) 17:00

Second phase selection: 9/12(Thu) 12:00 – 9/20(Fri) 17:00

Deadline for completing procedure: 9/20(Fri) 17:00


l   There are four CIA research rooms in total (271009-271012), offering 84 seats.

l   The number of applications is 95 this year. Among them, 84 are listed in 1st phase, and 11 in the waiting list. (For the two applicants under No. 84, please come to the office and take a draw)

l   Four research rooms are available for all applicants. No doctoral research rooms.

l   1st phase listed applicants, who don’t show up and select before 9/11 17:00, will be put into random selection by computer alone with those in the waiting list. The 2nd phase selection list will be announced on 9/16(Thu) 12:00.


Notice for Seat Selection and Form Submission:

1.       Please bring your student ID with you on the selection day, and submit your application form (see attached), certificate of enrollment, and NTD200 cleaning fee.

2.       Your application form must be stamped by your department/institute/program manager first, to verify whether you have passed proposal defense.

3.       A print-out certificate of enrollment or its display on your mobile screen can be acceptable. For those who haven’t paid tuition yet, please submit it before 9/20 17:00; otherwise your seat will be canceled.

4.       Renting a drawer key requires NT100 extra for deposit, which will be reimbursed while returning the key.

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