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NCCU College of International Affairs

Summer School: Credit-bearing courses

Bilingual-teaching, International Faculty and Students in Small Class  



I. China's Rise and International Security in the Asia-Pacific Region (2 credits)

II. Nontraditional security and challenges in East Asia (2 credits)




AUGUST 5-30, 2019

AM9:00-12:00 & PM2:00-5:00 every Monday, Wednesday and Friday



College of International Affairs, NCCU (Room 271112, 11F General Building, North Wing)



Professor CHANG, WEN-YANG from College of International Affairs, NCCU, Taiwan

Professor HSIEH, CHIEN-WU from College of International Affairs, NCCU, Taiwan

Professor from American University, USA (TBC)

Professor from Hokkaido University, Japan (TBC)



English and Chinese


Number of Students in Class

20 students (including 10 local students and 10 international students). With less than 10 applicants, the course will be canceled.



College students in the 3rd years or above and Postgraduates



Non-NCCU Students: 9,000/per course

NCCU Junior or above Students: Free of charge

NCCU Postgraduates: 13,240/per course (credits counted into 2019 Fall semester)

Non-NCCU International Students: Free of charge

*Summer School Scholarship for 5 Int’l students (non-NCCU international students without the nationality of Taiwan).



Submit application form, certificate of study status to chwei@nccu.edu.tw before July 5th for screening. Qualified applicants will receive a letter of acceptance via email and instruction to pay deposit NT2,000 for completing application.


Contact: Ms. Wei from College of International Affairs at 02-2939-3091#51104


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