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  • Title:Invitation to the NCAFP Panel NCCU Vincent Siew International Exchange Program (Preparatory Office)
  • Post Date:2014-10-21

Invitation to the NCAFP Panel NCCU Vincent Siew International Exchange Program 

(Preparatory Office)

The National Committee on American Foreign Policy (NCAFP) was founded by Prof. Hans J. Morgenthau in 1974, whose major propose had been to deliver foreign policy suggestions to the U.S. On October 24th, the NCAFP will be led by President Dr. George D. Schwab to NCCU for a panel on "U.S. Status in East Asia." The delegation members includ the former U.S. ambassador to Beijing, J. Stapleton Roy, and distinguished scholars and experts on U.S. foreign policy. This event will be held by "NCCU Vicent Siew International Exchange Program," with the assistance of the College of International Affairs Office and the College's Center for Foreign Policy Study. 
Date & Time:2014.10.24 (Fri.), 13:30~15:00
Venue:Conference Room #2, 7th Floor of NCCU Administration Building
Topic:U.S. Status in East Asia
Moderator:Ming Lee (Professor of Diplomacy and Dean of College of International Affairs, NCCU).
Welcoming Remarks:Bih-Jaw Lin (Professor of Diplomacy and Acting President of NCCU)
Taiwan Panelists:Der-yuan Wu (Associate Research Fellow, Institution of International Relations China Politics Division, NCCU), Michael Ying-Mao Kao (Member of Board of Directors, the Association of Foreign Relations; confirming), Kwei-Bo Huang (Associate Professor of Diplomacy and Executive Director of the Vicent Siew International Exchange Program Preparatory Office, NCCU), and Chung-Chien Teng (Professor of Diplomacy, NCCU). The other panelists are being invited. 
U.S. Panelists:George D. Schwab (President of NCAFP), Ralph A. Cossa (President, the Pacific Forum, Center for Strategic and International Studies), Evans J. R. Revere (Senior Director of the Albright Stonebridge Group) , J. Stapleton Roy (Founding Director and Distinguished Scholar, Kissinger Institute on China and the United States, Woodrow Wilson Center), Donald S. Zagoria (Senior Vice President of NCAFP), Rorry Daniels (Assistant Project Director of the Forum on Asia-Pacific Security, NCAFP)

Contact:101253003@nccu.edu.tw  Cheng Wang


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