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  • Title:The Energy Revolution in the United States: What It Means for the World
  • Post Date:2013-11-12

  By figuring out how to develop shale gas, four experts in the field of energy will speak about how the United States has both transformed itself from being an energy importer into an energy exporter and has made burning gas cheaper than burning coal.


Keith Lesnick
Associate Administrator for Intermodal Systems Development
U.S. Department of Transportation Maritime Administration

David Maul
Maul Energy Advisors
Catherine M. Elder
Senior Associate
Integrated Energy and Resource Analysis

Steven W. Lewis
D.V. Starr Transnational China Fellow
Faculty Adviser, Jesse Jones Leadership Center Summer in D.D. Policy Research Internship Program

Date: 15, November, 2013Date: 2013
Time: 10 A.M.M.—— 12 P.M.
Place: 3rdPlace: 3rd Floor , North Wing of General Building of Colleges, NCCUFloor NCCU
The program will be conducted in English.

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