• Title:2018 Fall Semester Research Room Seat Allocation & Waiting List
  • Post Date:2018-09-20


Regarding 2018 Fall semester Research Room Seat Allocation, please refer to attached Seat Allocation List and Room Disposition and check if your seat number is currect. 
The 2nd phase seat allocation is done by the compuert this morning. Aplicants who didn't participate in the 1st phase seat selection, please refer to the attachments. If you are assgined a seat, please bring your student ID and certificate of enrollment (download and display on the mobile), and submit the application form (attached) with NT$100 to the OCIA. If you need a locker/drawer key, please pay NT$100 deposit.

關於搬遷About move-in/move-out
The door keys has been emailed to each of you respectively. If your seat is vacant already, you can move in right away; if it is still occupied, please negotiate a time with the user (leave a memo or contact info on desks).

*271009&271010&271012座位的櫃子號碼請參閱清冊,在座位附近尋找你的櫃子(可能再走道邊或牆邊等等),沒有借鑰匙也可以使用,只是不能鎖而已。Pleaser refer to attached list and find your drawers in 271009, 271010 and 271012. They may be somewhere around your seats (by aisle or walls). You can use drawers even without keys, but you cannot lock it.**

*如果你發現座位的櫃子/置物櫃鎖住無法使用,請通知院辦公室協助。If the drawer/locker of your new seat is locked, please report to OCIA. We will open for you.**(9/21更新update)
As the clean-up last month only covers the commen space (grounds and ceilings), please help clean your own drawer/locker. If there is anything abandoned, please collect on the tables in the corridor outside. OCIA will throw them out after 10/1.
Please settle down in your new seat before 9/28. The door key will be changed again in October for safety.


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