• Title:2018/19 Fall Semester Research Room Application
  • Post Date:2018-08-27

2018/19 Fall Semester Research Room Application

In order to streamline the procedure, the application is submitted online this semester. Please fill in this form before 9/16. 

Online Application: https://goo.gl/q4yn5F


I. Allocation Priority Policy

1. Doctoral students have priority for seats in 271009 and 271010 (Spare seats will be released for master's students.)
2. Second year and above students have priority.
3. Students never have research rooms have priority.

II. Application & Allocation Procedure

1. 9/16(Sun) 11:59PM : Online application is due on 9/16 11:59PM. Please submit before the deadline.

2. 9/17(Mon) 12:00PM : Announcedment for the list of first drawing (according to priority policy) on OCIA website.

3. 9/17(Mon) 12:00PM - 9/19(Wed) 5:00PM : For applicants on the list of first drawing, please attend the drawing at OCIA on 11F.
Doctoral students: drawing the seats in 271009 & 271010; second year and above master's students: drawing the seats in 271011 & 271012 (seats in 271009 & 271010 if spare)

4. 9/20 (Thu) : The second drawing by computer (if spare seats)
Applicants who do not attend the first drawing directly put into the random drawing by computer. No priority in this drawing phase. Equal probability for all.

5. 9/20(Thu) 12:00PM : Results of Allocaiton Announcement
the final seat allocation list and waiting list will be announced on OCIA website.

6. 9/20(Thu) - 9/28(Fir) 9:00AM-12:00PM/2:00PM-5:00PM : Payment, collecting key/code, and move-in
Please print Certificate of Enrollment (
https://moltke.nccu.edu.tw/sturegcert_SSO/) and bring it with cleaning fee NT100 to OCIA for renting procedure. Pay cleaning fee NT100; deposit NT100 for drawers key if applicable.

7. If not completing renting procedure by 9/28, your seats will be released for applicants on the waiting list.

III. Others
1. Please do not exchange or rent out seats. If so, original applicants are fully responsible.
2. This new regulation of allocations will be reviewed by the College Committee in the fall semester of 2018/19 year, and proceed to a formal announcement afterwards.

Any questions, please email to Ms. Wei (chwei@nccu.edu.tw). Thanks.


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