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Date 2020-06-22

Application for Seats in CIA Research Rooms

In order to streamline the procedure, application is submitted online only. Application period is open in late August but the exact date is subject to announcement.

*2020/2021 Application Period: 8/21(Fri) ─ 8/28(Fri) https://forms.gle/HRawaDgugedN2DXa7

*2020/2021 Application Results Announcement: 9/7(Mon) 10:00AM in OCIA website/News

*Seat Selection: 9/14 (Mon) 12:00 - 9/16 (Wed) 17:00

*Seat Selection for Waiting List: 9/17 (Thu) Seperate notification will be sent to people in the waiting list

*Payment, collecting key/code, and move-in: 9/14(Mon) - 9/18 (Fri) 9:00-12:00/14:00-17:00:

For applicants who don't pay by 9/18(Fri), their seats will be withdrawn. 


Priority Policy

1. Doctoral students who already pass qualification test, have the top priority for the first run, and then general doctoral students have the 2nd-priority. Spare seats will be released for master's students.

2. Master students who pass proposal defense have 3rd priority. For the rest of master’s students, priority is subject to grade years from high to low.

3. Students who never obtain research rooms have priority.

4. In the case that the number of people with priority are more than the number of seats, the office will conduct a drawing of priority allocation.


Application & Allocation Procedure

Application submission online > announcement of results > seat selection in the 1st week of semester > finish seat selection, payment and move-in/out by enrollment deadline > (*announcement of final results)

*After seat selection, spare seats will be allocated to remaining applicants (including those who are in the 1st list but don't select seats, and those who are in the waiting list). The allocation will be totoally random with no priority.


Rental Procedure

1. CIA office hour 9:00-12:00/13:30-17:00。

2. Please bring your your application form, certificate of enrollment and cleaning fee NT200 to CIA office.

3. Renting a drawer key requires deposit of NT100. (refund when you return the key)

4. If you rent seats in the previous semester, please inform the office when renting a new seat.

*Certificate of enrollment is available in NCCU website. Both printout or screenshot are acceptable.


Conditional Proxy

If you cannot attend the first drawing because of duties/internship/exchange or study abroad, please email the proof documents and proxy’s name before semester starts. The proof documents can be official invitations, certificate of internship or e-tickets. Your proxy need to bring his/her student ID to attend the first drawing on behalf of you.


Return Policy

1. Relocate to a new seat: Move-in/out in the first week of every fall semester. Please relocate to your new seat before the end of the first week.

2. Graduation/study suspension: Please inform CIA office. If ending a seat rent prior to Febuary 1 (Spring semester starts), you can get refund of NT100 as half cleaning fee.

3. If you rent a key, please return the key to CIA office when ending your seat rent. The deposit of  NT 100 will be refund to you, or someone as a proxy when you are not available to come.



1. Please do not exchange or rent out seats. If so, original applicants are fully responsible.

2. The renting period of seats in CIA research rooms is one academic year.

3. Considering the limited number of seats in our college’s research rooms, for those who will go abroad for exchange study or will not use it, please do not apply for seats and be kind to save seats for people who need it.


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